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Have you heard of medi-facials? Facials that give you medical benefits! 

People go for facials for some specific reasons — to get glowing skin, radiance, banish blemishes, fight pigmentation and many such skin woes. But facials don’t do much to treat any kind of skin problems that would need medical help like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc. Often people who suffer from skin conditions like these restrict themselves to medicated creams and ointments and avoid cosmetic procedures. They have to make peace with their skin’s shortcomings and restrict their beauty regimen to the mundane. But not anymore, with the concept of medifacials now flourishing and being practised at various skin clinics it is like a ray of hope for people with skin problems to change the dynamics of their aesthetics. Read to know if petroleum jelly is good for your skin.

Dr Madhuri Agarwal, founder and medical director of YAVANA Aesthetics Clinic talks to us about this new concept and how it helps. ‘Medifacials are a new concept of pampering skin with the medical benefits of skin treatments. Medifacials can be customized according to the different skin types and skin issues. There are different types of medifacials which consist of a variety of natural or dermatological-based ingredients to deliver effective results,’ she says.

Different types of medifacials

Here are few different kinds of medifacials that you should know about

OxyGeneo: This is one such type of medifacial that is popular among the young and is a part of a variety of treatment range. Oxygeneo medifacial gives visible radiant, healthy skin by removing dead skin cells, improving the cell turnover and repairing the skin, all this without harming the skin or damaging the skin barrier function. Unlike the regular facials that also promise anti-ageing effects.

Radiante OxyGeneo: This type of medifacial treats various skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dull skin, pigmentation, tan, signs of ageing like coarse, uneven skin and wrinkles. They are definitely superior to the regular facials. The effect is also long lasting as compared to regular facials. It is ideally combined with customized cosmeceutical products to maintain results. Here is why medifacials are better than regular facials.

La Peaurfection Radiante: This treatment is a 360-degree facial treatment for skin that takes up to 90 minutes with multiple steps involved in it including OxyGeneo. It repairs, rejuvenates, pampers and remodels the skin while treating the blemishes, dark spots, tan and gives a smooth, soft, supple skin in just a single treatment.

Is there any aftercare procedure to be followed?

Since these are medifacial there are not many dos and don’ts to follow. The routine customized skin care has to be followed for results to be maintained. One can apply makeup and can also plan their social outings on the same day after doing a medifacial. An aftercare regimen, though simple is advised depending on one’s requirement and the procedure one had undergone.

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