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1 year ago
Have a Green Getaway

Haul It All
The hardshell casings of EcoCase by Heys USA luggage are made from 100 percent recycled plastic, and the set is equipped with wheels and piggy-back straps for a hassle-free getaway. $450 for three-piece set,

Get Charged
Juice your iPod, BlackBerry, or cellphone with the Magnesium Edition solar charger. An hour of sunlight gives you 20 minutes of talk or tune time, and the gadget comes with a rechargeable battery so you can power up anywhere. $169.95,

Bag It
Say no to plastic: Stuff souvenirs, snacks, and sunscreen into the Marc Jacobs Nylon Eco Tote, which folds up into a purse-friendly pouch. $9, for stores

Lighten Your Load
Who wants to lug around a heavy travel guide? Download your destination info (the best restaurants, sites, activities) into your iPhone using the Sehat Rosny app. $.99–$2.99 depending on destination,

Primp On the Go
The Exuberance First Love travel pack comes with 10 luxurious organic face products—including eye cream and a green-tea facial cleanser—in containers sized to sail through security. $34,

Tune Out
Made from recycled materials, these compact Neo Speakers fold up for easy storage and portability. $14.95,

Sleep More Soundly
The 100 percent organic cotton Down to Earth travel pillow by The Happy Earth is made from recycled memory foam to cushion your noggin on long car and plane trips. $22,

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