Hair Care Tips To Prevent From Dry Scalp During Winter

We’re letting you know about certain life-saving tips that can prevent your scalp from getting dry and flaky.

1. Massage With Warm Oil Oil treatment can restore moisture to your scalp and prevent it from getting too dry and flaky. Just massage your scalp with warm coconut or olive oil to ward off dryness and flakiness.

2. Avoid Over Washing Over washing can strip your hair off of its natural moisture. This in turn can lead to dry and flaky scalp. Several hair care experts urge women to wash their hair only 2-3 times a week, as overdoing it can do more harm than good.

3. Stay Away From Heat Styling Tools Heat styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons are known to leave your hair looking dry and dehydrated, whilst stripping your scalp off of its natural moisture.

4. Opt For A Deep-conditioning Treatment Deep-conditioning treatment can make a world of difference to the state of your hair and scalp, especially during the cold season. This treatment can impart moisture to your scalp and safeguard it against the damaging effects of dry and cold air.

5. Use Herbal Hair Care Products During the winter season, it is best to use herbal hair care products. Free of harsh and hair-damaging chemicals, herbal products can effectively safeguard your scalp and hair from the adverse effects of the dropping temperature and cold air.

6. Change Your Hair Care Routine Change in season should lead to change in the hair care routine as well. Switch your products and also opt for a winter-friendly routine to ensure that your scalp and hair do not suffer from dryness and dehydration.

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