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My 7-year-old son has always been an outdoorsy super active person – always playing in the park, climbing trees etc. So you can well imagine how “clean” his hands remain. Getting him to wash himself and his hands properly have always been a chore – he just doesn’t have the patience for it. I’m sure there are a lot of mothers who are reading this and nodding with me.

The importance of hygiene is a supreme concern for most parents. The kids don’t really care – they are quite good at grabbing the first piece of food they come across when they return from outside. No thought is given to the germs they are probably carrying with them.

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So we put together a few hacks that have worked wonderfully for us. My son has at least started taking the time to not do a quick dash in and out of the bathroom. For the time spent outside the house, the Savlon ID card is my saviour.

Watch the video to learn these 5 simple hacks that will encourage your kids to wash their hands.

If you have some tips on how you got your kids to start washing up properly, we would love to hear them. Every tip is important and could help a mommy.

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