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9 months ago
Gucci Slammed for Sending White Models on the Runway With Turbans; Sikhs Express Hurt on Twitter

The Milan Fashion Week, which is on from February 21 to February 27, has been putting forth some stylish collections from leading fashion houses. Gucci kicked off Milan Fashion Week in its typical eccentric style, with models carrying replicas of their own heads on a runway transformed into a creepy operating room. While this bizarre news is already making heads turn, Gucci also finds itself in the middle of a controversy. The Italian luxury brand Gucci has been accused of being ‘offensive and irresponsible’ for sending white models down the runway in turbans. Sikhs have said this hurts their religious sentiments. Actor Avan Jogia hit out at the Gucci collection presented at Milan Fashion Week.

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Avan Jogia is a 32-year old television actor who was born Chutkara Patel Jogia and has roots in Hinduisim and Buddhism. He is a dual citizen of UK and Canada, and took to Twitter to express his disappointment with Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele’s decision. ‘This isn’t a good look for you. Could you not find a brown model?’ asked an enraged Avan on Twitter. His thoughts were echoed by many, and they agreed with his views. His followers reportedly tweeted back saying that Gucci had ‘hit a new low’ and that it was ‘offensive and irresponsible’ of the brand. Many on Twitter also said that the ‘Turban’, which is also known as a Dastaar, is an important part of the Sikh religion, should not be used as a fashion statement.

Here is what Avan Jogia tweeted:

Check out how the Twitterati responded to Avan’s tweet:

People expressed outrage:

Not a fashion accessory:

Some hilarious reactions:

Lack of diversity:

Suggestions were also offered:

The Italian fashion house, Gucci, is yet to comment on the furore. At the Milan Fashion Week, Gucci also showcased a model carrying a baby dragon, while two others toted around lifelike replicas of their own heads, as well as others dressed in Mexican face masks during the odd collection which was set in an operating theatre, reports the Daily Mail. This is not the first time that Gucci has run into trouble. In the past, the brand has been slammed for an ‘irresponsible ad’ featuring an ‘unhealthily thin’ model.

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