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Google Doodle: Facts about Rukhmabai Raut, the first practicing Indian woman doctor

Today Google celebrated the 153rd birthday of Rukhmabai Raut by dedicating today’s Google Doodle to her. Yes, the picture of the lady you saw with a stethoscope when you opened your Google browser today was an inspirational lady from India, Rukhmabai. Facts about her will not only make you proud but will make you believe in the the saying, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way.’ Here are a few facts about Rukhmabai Raut:

1. She was born in Mumbai which was then called Bombay, on November 22, 1864. In the year 1875, when she was only 11 years old, she became a child bride and was married off to Dadaji Bhikaji who was then 19. Rukhmabai’s mother was a victim of this regressive practice of child marriage as well, which was then a very common practice in our country. Rukhmabai’s mother was married when she was 14 only and had given birth to Rukhmabai at the tender age of 15. Unfortunately, she became a widow at just 17 years of age.

2. Rukhmabai became one of the first practising Indian woman doctors in colonial India.

3. Conquering history, Rukhma’s landmark legal case(She was married to Dadaji and when she was asked against her will to move to his home. This caused a long series of court cases. She, however, lost the case)  led to the enactment of the Age of Consent Act, 1891 made a reform that is a boon to women.

4. She won immense support from people when she expressed a wish to study medicine and become a doctor. A fund was raised to support her wish and pay for the expenses so that she could study at the London School of Medicine. It was 5 years degree course and fortunately, she managed to make it to England and returned to India as a first qualified physician. She worked for many years in Rajkot and Surat serving mankind.

5. For supplying medical aid to the women of India, suffrage activist Eva McLaren and Walter McLaren, and the Countess of Dufferin’s Fund supported Rukhmabai.

6. Rukhmabai continued her work towards the society until her death which was at the age of 91.

7. She used to write to newspapers many letters that went under the alias, ‘A Hindu Lady’

Image: Google

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