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1 year ago
Go Ahead, Tell Some Little White Lies

To A Friend...

"Most people can't pull off short hair, but you totally can," to a friend who butchered her locks.

some lies are okay to tell
To Your Relative...

"I love this!" to Aunt Maude, about the Indonesian desk chimes she calls a birthday gift. Wait 2 weeks, then make use of eBay the way PayPal intended.

some lies are okay to tell
To Your Boyfriend...

"Oh! Oh! Oooh! Yes! Yes! Yes!" to your guy, when he's thundering on and all you want is a little shut-eye.

some lies are okay to tell
To Your Coworker...

"Yeah, I didn't get a raise either," to a coworker, who's bumming about "budget cuts." She doesn't need to know about your 15 percent boost.

some lies are okay to tell
To Your Husband...

"Of course I remembered our anniversary!" to your husband, though you now have to cancel an eyebrow wax and martini night with the girls.

some white lies are okay to tell
To Tech Support...

"It just crashed. I have no idea what happened," to tech support, when you had five applications open while downloading videos from YouTube.

some white lies are okay to tell
To The Father...

"No, we've never slept together," to your father, about your fiancé.

some white lies are okay to tell
To The Landlord...

"My dog likes you, and he hates everyone!" to your landlord, whose leg is being humped by Pookie.

To The Maitre D'...

"You look just like Ashton Kutcher," to the maître d', when you want to be seated right away.

some lies are okay to tell
To Your Yourself...

"Your legs will be cut like Beyonce's," to yourself on the treadmill, when you'd rather be bathing in Häagen-Daz.

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