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11 months ago
From Rose Day to Valentine's Day: Here's the full schedule for Valentine's Week! | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Valentine's Week is just around the corner. It's definitely that time of the year which is meant to shower our loved ones with lots of affection, love and (ahem) gifts as well. 

Many of us get confused about the different days of the Valentine's Week. When does Teddy Day fall or when will it be Chocolate Day, these questions can be a bit tricky, especially because it's directly related to matters of the heart. 

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All the days of the entire week beginning from February 7, leading up to the Valentine's Day on February 14, have a special significance attached to them. So if you also keep on forgetting which day is celebrated on what date, fiqar not! We've got you covered. 

Here's the full schedule of the Valentines Week, beginning from February 7:

1) February 7 - Rose Day: The first day of the Valentine's Week is celebrated as the Rose Day. On this day, people give roses to their loved ones as a symbol of their affection. while red roses traditionally symbolise romance, yellow roses are given to close friends. If you're more than 'just friends' and less than a lover, you can present a pink rose to your special friend. This is a good day to patch up old enmity as well. Just give a bunch of white roses as a symbol of peace to someone whom you don't want to be on bad terms any more.

2) February 8 - Propose Day: After expressing your love to your crush on Rose Day, Propose Day gives you the opportunity to tell them the same. The second day of the Valentine's Week is known as the day when people express their feelings of love to their crush. While a lot of single hearts find their match on propose day, there are some who're left disappointed as well. 

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3) February 9 - Chocolate Day: We feel this is the best day of the Valentine's Week. The third day of the week is known as Chocolate Day and it gives a reason to all of us to keep all our worries aside and indulge in those yummy chocolates. On this day, you can let your loved ones know how much they mean to you by showering them with a collection of assorted chocolates. What's there to be afraid of? Who doesn't love chocolates after all?

4) February 10 - Teddy Day: The most adorable day of the Valentine's Week is the fourth day, known as the Teddy Day. Show some love to those who mean the world to you by gifting them a cuddly teddy bear. Those cute teddies are the best to bring a smile on anyone's face, especially on a gloomy day or when nothing seems to go the right way, just cuddling up with a teddy may take all our blues away.

5) February 11 - Promise Day: The most meaningful and significant day of the Valentine's Week is the Promise Day which falls on the fifth day of the week. This day is meant for you to make promises to your loved ones for a lasting relationship and also convince them that you'll keep your promises in the best way ever. Forget 'promises are meant to be broken'. Begin a new trend with 'promises are meant to be kept'. 

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6) February 12 - Hug Day: The sixth day of the week is known as Hug Day. Sometimes, the best way to express the emotions which words can't is simply by giving a warm hug to your near and dear ones. A hug can heal the biggest of wounds and instantly cheer up others. 

7) February 13 - Kiss Day: Just a day before the Valentine's Day, falls the Kiss Day. As it is that the entire week is all about love and affection and what better way to show it than by giving a kiss to your loved ones? Seal your bond of love with a kiss!

8) February 14 - Valentines Day: It's finally the day of love! Valentine's Day is celebrated across the globe on February 14 in memory of a 3rd century Roman saint, Saint Valentine, who's associated with courtly love. Make this day special for your beloved. Plan a special date and make it memorable for your loved ones.  

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