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11 months ago
Foods To Avoid When You have kidney stones

Kidney stones have been classified as calcium phosphate, cystine, calcium oxalate, and uric acid. Out of these, calcium oxalates are mostly seen in human beings.

Here is a list of foods that must be avoided to prevent kidney stones .

1. Avoid Caffeine/Soda

If you are suffering from a kidney stone, it is important to drink plenty of fluid. But under this, remember to limit your caffeine consumption. You should not drink more than 2 cups (250-500 ml) of coffee, tea, and cold drinks in a day.

2. Sodium-rich Foods Curb your sodium intake. You should avoid eating processed and canned foods, which contain a high amount of salt for their preservation.

3. Excess Of Protein-based Foods Protein-rich foods such as meat and fish should be consumed but in a moderate quantity.

4. Excess Of Fat-containing Foods Your diet should not include too much of fat contained foods like cheese. You can consume low-fat dairy products. Even you should drink skimmed milk for your breakfast.

5. Calcium Foods Foods that contain calcium and vitamin D should be strictly avoided if you are suffering from a kidney stone.

6. Foods Rich In Oxalate If the stone you are suffering from is calcium oxalate, then you will need to avoid food that contains oxalate.

7. Asparagus Often used as a diuretic, asparagus should be avoided while a patient is suffering from kidney stones.

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