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11 months ago
Foods To Avoid If You Have High BP

Research reveals that there are a number of foods, consuming which can increase the level of blood pressure. This in turn can have its detrimental effect on your health. Below is the list of few such foods which a person suffering from hypertension should strictly avoid.

1. Excess Salt/Salty Foods

Limit the consumption of salt if you are suffering from high blood pressure. Sodium can adversely affect your kidneys, heart, arteries, and brain with the high level of blood pressure.

2. Canned Foods

Canned foods such as canned beans, boiled tomato products, and pre-made soups and noodles, contain a high amount of salt in it. Canned tomato products like tomato paste, ketchup, and sauces contain salt for preservation.

3. Processed Foods

Processed food such as frozen chicken, beef, pork, fish, shrimps, etc., or ready-to-fry chicken sausage, nuggets, or French fries, contain a high level of sodium for preservation.

4. Sugary Foods

In the market, there are a wide variety of products which contain a high amount of sugar, which are either naturally or artificially added. An excess amount of sugar consumption leads to weight gain and adds extra calories.

5. Alcohol

Youngsters and corporate people are too much engrossed in the consumption of alcohol and often think it as a modernist outlook. But the amount of sugar contained in it can raise your blood pressure level.

6. Tobacco

Smoking is injurious to health-all of us are well aware of this statement. Tobacco is the main cause of cancer, lungs dysfunction, health ailment, etc. Besides, chewing or smoking tobacco increases the blood pressure by narrowing the lining of the artery walls.

7. Caffeine

Having a cup of warm coffee in the chilly days of winter morning, is a great way to kick-start the morning, but an increased level of caffeine consumed can lead to an increase in the blood pressure level.

8. Pickles

Pickles are one of those foods which are loved by many. In India, it is mostly seen that people consume pickles almost on a daily basis, either with chapatis or parathas. Though they are tasty to eat, the high amount of sodium content in the pickles for preservation can lead to an increase in the blood pressure level.

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