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6 months ago
Food Habits To Reduce Cholosterol

High cholesterol is one of the main causes for fatal heart diseases, obesity and other such ailments which can affect people. Here is a list of things which we should follow to reduce high cholesterol.

  1. Adding healthy fats to your diet can also reduce high cholesterol, naturally!
  2. Consuming meats such as beef, pork, etc., can further increase your cholesterol levels and cause more health complications. You can go for lean meat like chicken and also seafood, which are healthier options instead.
  3. if you are not consuming calcium-rich foods like dairy products, spinach, eggs, etc., you could be worsening your high cholesterol problem!
  4. Bakery foods can increase your cholesterol levels, along with giving rise to a host of other health problems.
  5. Alcohol is rich in unhealthy fats, so it can drastically worsen your high cholesterol symptoms, even if you consume it occasionally!
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