#FitnessGoals! First Look At Sheethal Robin Uthappa’s Maternity Photo Shoot!

Shooting a family’s life is always special and it is made even more so when you document a woman’s pregnancy. MommyShots believes in creating memories that are truly reflective of what the entire pregnancy journey actually means to the parents-to-be. We try to recreate a story, a memory that can be held close to the heart for years to come.
I recently shot a maternity photo shoot with Sheethal Uthappa, cricketer Robin Uthappa’s wife and this shoot was special for a number of reasons. Sheetal has always been a stickler for fitness, being a former tennis player and has documented her fitness regime on her social media. But when she got to know she was pregnant, she had tons of questions about ‘eating for two’, what to eat and what to avoid to ensure she didn’t compromise her fitness journey. What emerged as a result of the photo shoot was something spectacular. Take a look!

Q: What were your fears about your fitness when you first got pregnant? 

Sheethal Uthappa (SU): ” I spoke to my nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who I have been working with for over a year now… who I trust completely with my nutrition. I wanted to try and gather as much information possible about what I should eat what I shouldn’t eat, how much water I should be drinking, if I should be eating for 2 people (as everyone I had spoken to till then had said its important I eat for 2 people).
I explained to her how and why I was feeling scared and how it was everyone’s thoughts and advice and inputs that got me all confused and made me worry.
She reassured me that I don’t need to worry and that she will take care of the nutrition I need through my pregnancy and after. I decided to trust her and also go with my own gut, knowing and judging whats best for my body at any given time. “
” I have been relaxed about my food since then it has been an amazing journey. I feel good almost every day! There are definitely some not so good days when I feel exhausted than usual, but most days I feel on top of the world!
“Oh most importantly want to make it clear that I DID NOT and still DO NOT eat for 2 people. I eat the nutrition my body requires and needs and that’s been more than enough for both baby and me!”

Q: Any advice for moms who are just starting their pregnancy journey? 

SU: “All I want to say is, be aware and listen to your body. You know what works for you or what could work for you. Try it out yourself when in doubt, there isn’t a one way fits all, it probably isn’t the healthiest to get carried away with outside opinion. Be open to having your own experience. We as women are capable of things that are unimaginable. Most importantly trust and believe in yourself!”
“A lot of people will keep telling you a lot of things. Make sure you truly listen to yourself and go with your voice and your instinct.”
“Honestly just by doing that I have felt stronger than ever in my life. Yes, there is a lot that goes on physically and emotionally that is frustrating and uncomfortable and that’s the journey of pregnancy. But also (through this journey) I have recognised the strength that I possess. It is much bigger than the discomfort and has made me stronger than ever and I’m grateful to be going through everything I am because it is making me see myself from a different perspective. Seeing my strengths and also my weaknesses, but the beauty of it is how I’m able to use my strengths to tackle my weaknesses. I realised it is something that every woman learns during pregnancy.. while preparing to bring their child into this world!
All images courtesy: MommyShots by Amrita

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