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11 months ago
Expert reveals weight loss secret which can 'transform your health in 21 days'

New Delhi: Losing weight is not an easy feat to accomplish, even when you have set a specific target. It requires hard work, discipline, dedication, immense will-power, and self-control.

It is a slow and steady process and many people go to all sorts of lengths to achieve their desired goals like trying out all sorts of diets that suit their requirements or have been proven effective, in order to quicken the process.

A lot of people even tend to give up halfway through their journey, simply because they run out of patience.

But now, a doctor has revealed that people don't need to sign up to a gym as a balanced diet of plenty of vegetables, fish, dairy, and healthy fats can do wonders for their waistline, reports Daily Express.

Dr Aseem Malhotra also revealed that people can maintain fitness with lots of brisk walking, says the top doctor.

Cutting sugar and refined carbohydrates, like cakes, pasta, and pizzas, is also key to good health.

Dr Malhotra noted, "It is clear that diet and lifestyle are far more powerful than drugs or taking to the gym. Lifestyle changes such as consuming less sugar are more powerful than any medication that doctors can prescribe. You cannot outrun a bad diet — this should be what doctors are advising their patients. Eating junk food and then trying to beat the bulge with heavy workouts is a waste of time."

Enjoying dark chocolate and a glass of wine in moderation, however, would be beneficial to health, said Dr Malhotra. He also explained that following a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can transform a person's health in just 21 days, reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes and increasing longevity.

(With ANI inputs)

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