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Eat This, Do That

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Thirty-four percent of women said their diet is standing in the way of their fitness and weight-loss goals. Exercise can spike women's appetites, says Tanya Zuckerbrot, R.D., author of The F-Factro Diet. "They often unconsciously end up eating more calories than they burn, which over time leads to weight gain." Use our quick calorie calculator to see how common bites measure up to your hard work:


Numbers are based on a 130-pound woman.



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2 Large Slices of Medium-Crust Cheese Pizza
Calories in: 560


Ride a stationary bike vigorously for 57 minutes Calories out: 579


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1 Multigrain Bagel
Calories in: 350


Swim for 75 minutes at a moderate pace Calories out: 359


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1 Medium Order of Fries
Calories in: 420


Spend 40 minutes on the elliptical machine Calories out: 427


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1 Cobb Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing
Calories in: 713


Run 90 minutes at a moderate pace Calories out: 735


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1 Chewy Granola Bar
Calories in: 140


Walk at a brisk pace for 35 minutes Calories out: 147


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2-oz Flavored Latte with Skim Milk
Calories in: 150


Strength-train for 30 minutes Calories out: 177


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