E.L.F. Just Launched a $4 Beauty Sponge Cleaner That Will Help With Breakouts

OK, not to be that person, but when was the last time you cleaned your makeup sponge? If you're a good nugget, it should be rinsed after every use - easier said than done, we know. Perhaps you're a little lazy with your sponge upkeep because you don't think you have the proper cleansing tools. While you could resort to some thrifty Reddit hacks, purchasing an extra cleaning product would make the cleanup job much easier.

Enter E.L.F.'s new Solid Sponge Cleanser ($4), a special soap designed to rid cosmetics sponges of bacteria, dirt, and grime. It's made of charcoal, the buzzy skincare ingredient that's been lauded for its ability to draw out impurities like a magnet.

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