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Dreaming of winter?

Weather reflects our emotional state of mind. Just the way in our lives, the weather plays a great role in our mood swings. It conveys that one may be having a hard time trying to conceal his/her guilt or a secret. It also indicates that the person is facing difficulty in dealing with a situation.

Dreaming about winter or anything related to it may sometimes symbolise emotional upheaval and loneliness. It may be a warning or a mirror of our current emotional state. Dreaming of a cozy winter indicates that it is time to count your blessings and trust. It signifies that you are given an opportunity to succeed in a certain situation.

If you dream of...

  • A blanket of snow, it symbolises lack of happiness and energy in your life. It signifies absence of vital people in your life.

  • Cold weather, it symbolises that a feeling of guilt which is disturbing you in real life. It means either you should accept the situation or admit the reason for feeling guilty.

  • Fog, it means that you will face confusion in taking a decision about specific issue in your life.

  • Snowy weather, it may be a sign of ageing, ill health, strained relations or financial problems. In some cases, it also indicates the longing to have spare time with oneself.

  • A winter night, it signifies that you are facing repentance for a decision. It means that you should take steps to fix the damage before it’s too late. But if you are covered with a blanket, it symbolises warmth in relationships.

  • Yourself on a cold foggy night, it suggests a feeling of being lonely deep inside even though you may be surrounded by friends. It hints a lack of emotional connection with someone.

  • Winter with sunshine, it denotes triumph over difficulties in life. It means that you will taste success in your ongoing ventures.

  • Frost, it is a sign of giving up of earthly pleasures in later stage of life. If it is seen in a bleak setting, then it is a sign that you will go to unknown lands.

  • Walking in fog with a torch or flying in aeroplane despite fog, portends that a stranger will help you at time of need.

  • Standing alone in winter signifies that a break-up with your beloved is just on the cards.

Astro advice to mitigate ill-effects

  • Offer hot milk to a Brahmin.

  • Donate warm clothes to a needy person.

My date of birth is February 4, 1983, and time of birth is 4.30. I’ve been looking for a suitable match for three-four years. When will I get a good match?

—Parveen Deshpande

A: The chart suffers from a strong affliction caused by Jupiter opposite Saturn. This factor is likely to delay the marriage prospects. The event is likely at the age of 35 to 37. Donate Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays. Wear Pukhraj of six carats on your index finger.

(The columnist is author of 32 books on astrology, numerology, Vaastu, tarot, dreams and moles. He features regularly on various TV channels)

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