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Dreaming of a horse?

A horse, whether black or white, portends prosperity and a transient nature. A quick interpretation about dreaming about a horse is linked with freedom, strength, power and growth. A young white golden horse symbolises devotion, endurance, tolerance, awareness about your abilities journeys and guide to overcome obstacles.

Riding a white horse indicates business and social success. Riding a black horse signifies success after failure. A runaway horse is a sign of financial losses. Falling off a horse indicates a hasty, rushed marriage. Riding a wild horse reflects strong sexual passion.

Racing horses means a prediction for a wild life.


  • Riding the bareback with a woman, symbolises lewd desires, which may prevent you from being really successful.

  • Killing a horse means that you will be a source of anxiety for your friends and family.

  • Swimming on a horse’s back through a clear stream, the dreamer’s fantasies of ecstasy will come true. It’s a good dream for a businessman.

  • Having a horse shoe is a sign of good luck and for a woman, of a faithful husband.

  • Shoeing a horse signifies you will probably succeed in a spurious deal.

  • Riding a coloured horse foretells love, romance and happy marriage.

  • Horses running together it implies a lot of efforts to attain success.

  • Thrown off the back of a horse portends opposition and rivalry.

  • If a horse kicks you, it signifies a lavish lifestyle and loving friends.

  • Riding uphill on a horseback signifies upheaval whereas riding down hills indicates rise in life.

  • Dressing a horse indicates that the dreamer will have to work very hard, both mentally and physically, in order to realise ambitions.

  • To dream of a dead horse, signifies that you shall face disillusionment when you least expect it and therefore, find fulfilment of wishes to be an arduous task.

  • If you’re trying to fix a broken shoe on a horse’s foot, it denotes unjust allegations will be hurled by the people you know and love.


Horseshoe pertains to planet Saturn. To hang a horseshoe on the entrance of house or boundary wall can improve spiritual and intellectual bent of mind. The symbol also tends to give you justice in life. To dream of this symbol itself is a portent of good fortune, progress and pleasure.


  • Give food to any animal.

  • Keep a silver square in your pocket.

Q: My wife frequently gets up at nights, screaming and scared. Her date of birth is October 21,1976. She is in good health, so what’s the issue?

— Jayant Aggarwal

A: This is a temporary condition. The house of health is ill-aspected by Saturn and Rahu ruling fears, phobia and complexes. While sleeping, your wife should wear white clothes and keep her head towards South. She should recite Aum Hran Rahve Nameh mantra, 11 times before sleeping.

(The columnist is author of 32 books on astrology, numerology, Vaastu, tarot, dreams and moles. He features regularly on various TV channels)

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