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Down with high heels: Here's why the new-age bride loves her flats

The modern bride is no Cinderella. She is a confident, self-assured woman instead, who doesn’t depend on a pair of cumbersome six-inchers to look sexy. So what is she going to wear with her lehenga on her D-day, if not the sexy, gilded heel? So, what is she going to wear with her lehenga on her D-day, if not sexy, gilded heels? Drumroll for bridal sneakers and flats! A growing number of brides across the world are swapping heels with comfortable flats. We saw actor Anushka Sharma go for embellished juttis for her wedding, and she surely made the trend even more popular.

“Heels were apparently invented for women to look taller and slimmer, but today’s modern woman is happy the way she is. She is willing to accept her body and understands that it’s her confidence that makes her sexy, not a pair of heels. Brides are happier with fun options such as flat juttis, kolhapuris, and even sneakers,” says designer Rina Dhaka.

Aanam Chashmawala and Nimi Gill wearing their version of comfy footwear.

Internationally, bridal flats have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Brides in the West are pairing their wedding gowns with embellished sneakers, custom made for weddings. In fact, Keds and Kate Spade recently created a bridal collection featuring embellished sneakers, merging style with utility.

Footwear designers in India are also receiving requests for custom-made flats, sneakers, and flatform shoes to go with the bride’s lehenga. The reasons are many. “Brides have now become more practical, and comfortable options like flats work well for them. Our weddings are an insanely long affair, so comfort becomes key. To survive those hectic days, heavy clothing, dancing, running around, you want comfortable footwear that doesn’t kill your feet the way heels do,” says footwear designer Shirin Mann.

“Wearing heels for long hours make the calf muscles sore due to the angular placement of the foot. No surprise then that I’m getting a large number of orders for customised bridal flats,” shares footwear designer Swati Modo.

Trends in bridal flats

Till about few years ago, juttis were available in mundane colours and styles. But now juttis and other flats are available in pop colours, and can even be customised with strong embellishments, making them stunning as well as comfortable for brides. “Brides are going for paper-flat footwear such as jutties and studded sandals. The brides who want a little bit of elevation prefer flatforms with 1.5 inch of height,” says Modo.

“The trend will lean towards colour on colour — fuchsia pink lehenga with fuchsia juttis or peach sharara with peach juttis are in. Saris with juttis are also a beautiful trend. Embellishments such as ghungroos, pearls, Swarovski, and tassles are also popular,” says Mann.

The brides who ditched heels

“I love heels and I wear them quite often, but on the day of my wedding, being comfortable was most important for me. That’s why I went for sneakers. When I was 17, I told my mom that I would wear sneakers for my wedding and have denims as the theme so that when I look back at pictures, I have fond memories of having fun rather than being in discomfort,” says blogger Aanam C from What When Wear, who chose a pair of gold sneakers to go with her lehenga.

However, getting the right pair of comfy bridal footwear is easier said than done. “I hunted for the right pair for quite some time till I found this one at a high-fashion store, that went perfectly with my attire. If I hadn’t found this, my next option was going for customised footwear,” adds Aanam.

Another bride, who wore juttis, says she couldn’t think of anything more comfortable to wear for the wedding, “I wore four different pairs throughout my wedding events, and my feet were thanking me later. I love how versatile these shoes are; I can wear them with jeans, pants, and even Indian outfits,” says Nimi Gill from California.

How to choose the right pair of bridal flats
1. Go for fabrics such as silk, velvet, or brocade. These are sturdy and add a touch of shimmer and glamour to the footwear.
2. Since your garment will be heavy with embellishments, go for footwear in a single solid colour. Monotone is a great idea this season.
3. If you want a little elevation, go for flatforms. You can add almost 1.5 inch of height this way. Make sure that the footwear gives you a good grip to avoid slipping.

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