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Dos and don’ts to fight sore throat this winter!

Due to fluctuations in weather especially in the night and early mornings, most people are experiencing seasonal flu. Many complain about a sore throat. This is more commonly seen amongst school going children and infants. To help you deal with a sore throat, Dr Rajesh Gokani, General Physician, SL Raheja Hospital- A Fortis Associate Hospital shares few dos and don’ts to treat a sore throat and prevent other respiratory infections.

Avoid morning walks: If you start your day with morning walks, then it is better to avoid going in for a walk early in the morning. This is because of the dust and dew in the morning air, especially around 5 am, which increases the risk of cold and seasonal flu including sore throat. Instead, one can go a bit late at around for a walk ie; post 6:30 or 7 am in the morning.

Do not take antibiotics: Most often than not, we tend to pop an antibiotic for every infection without even knowing the cause of it. However, this is not a good idea, especially if you have sore throat as it is mostly caused by a virus. Also, there is no need for antibiotics unless the temperature is high or if a person experiences breathlessness and high-grade fever. In this regard, it is best to visit your doctor for guided treatment. Do not self-medicate. Also here are reasons you should NEVER share your antibiotics.

Follow the dosage: Make sure you follow the course of medication, as prescribed by your doctor without fail. Avoid neglecting your course once you start feeling better or the symptoms subside. It is important to complete the entire course to prevent recurrence of the infection.

Ditch the junk food: One must avoid junk food, fried food and cold drinks as these not only lower your immunity and make you susceptible to infections but also lead to indigestion. Also, drinking cold drinks in winter can further worsen your sore throat. Stay away from oily food if you have throat pain and stick to eating hot, home-cooked food.

Try home remedies: There are no such home remedies that work 100%. However, few at-home natural remedies do provide relief for some time. If suffering from a sore throat, you can have Tulsi or Ginger tea, try gargling with salt water and have sips of hot water frequently during the day to ease the pain and improve your condition. Here are few natural remedies to relieve a sore throat and stop it from worsening.

Eat right: Immunity is generally low during winters due to the changing weather and humid climate, so make sure you eat a nutritious diet. To boost immunity, drinking water with a tinge of honey will help fight the mucus accumulated in the lungs. One must have small frequent meals which are healthy and rich in nutrients. Here are few foods to relieve a sore throat.

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