Don’t Try This At Home! 5 Beauty Rituals You Should Only Get Done At The Salon

DIY-ing it is becoming huge when it comes to the beauty scene. YouTube, Instagram, and holistic beauty blogs are all trying to find hacks to beauty treatments at home. This appeals to many people who don’t want to make the effort to go to a salon. More importantly, it saves one a lot of money. Doing an at-home pedicure, giving yourself a facial, and similar beauty rituals, have become a way of pampering yourself at home. But, there are certain beauty treatments you should save for the salon, no matter what, and we list them below.

Bleaching your hair

bleached hair

Now, you can always buy hair colour and dye your hair at home if you’re going for burgundy highlights but, for serious dye jobs, you need to visit the salon. To get many complicated hair colours to show on our hair, you’ll need to bleach our locks first. Rainbow dyeing, pastel hair, aquamarine tresses – all of these trends require bleaching dark hair blonde, first.

blue hair dyed

This should NEVER be done unsupervised by a professional or trained hairstylist. The bleach contains strong chemicals that can cause severe scalp irritation. But, more frighteningly, it can cause hair to get damaged and even fall off. Ergo, don’t try this at home.

Chemical peels

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Chemical peels like lactic acid or glycolic acid peels, are not casual peel-off masks. They are serious skin treatments that should only be performed by someone trained. Ideally, you should visit a dermatologist to get them. But, at the very least, you need to get it done at a good salon, where a licensed professional is in charge of the procedure.

Hair rebonding

rebonding hair

Much like hair-colouring at home, chemical treatments like perming and rebonding can damage your hair irreparably if not done right. These procedures involve applying chemicals that can change the structure of your hair. So, naturally, applying something so strong to your hair can cause it to break off if left on too long. Don’t let that horror story happen to you!

DIY sugar waxing

sugar waxingfdjcn m

DIY sugar waxing or “sugaring” involves making your own sugar-based wax at home, and using that to epilate your body hair. Why is this a bad idea? Well, sugaring needs to have the perfect consistency of sugar paste/gel to really stick. This means several painful wrong attempts till you get it right. From using a pan too thin to boil the sugar, water, and lemon mix, to burning it, many things can go wrong. Not only that, it needs to be cooled and then re-heated for use. Then, if you heat it wrong, it can burn your skin. So, you’re way better off hitting the salon.

Popping blackheads

pimples blackheads

Don’t go by those disgustingly satisfying pimple-popping, blackhead-removing videos online. The process is terrible for your skin, and should not be done at home. While we suggest you never pop pimples at all, when it comes to blackheads, you can do so, but not yourself. Aestheticians can skilfully and painlessly extract blackheads during a facial, after appropriate steaming has softened the sebum. Allow them to do so instead of attacking your face on your own.  You could permanently scar your skin, or over-steam your face and burn it if you try it yourself.

picture credits: Thinkstock & Getty Images, unsplash, pexels
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