Does the size of your vaginal opening increase when you’re aroused?

It is very important that you know when your woman is sexually aroused for a good sex. Women do exhibit a few signs of arousal that you might want to know, however, like a whole bunch of other useless myths regarding sex and women sexuality, another myth that many people still believe is that the size of the vaginal opening increases when a woman is aroused. Leading sexologist Dr Rajan Bhonsle says, ‘It is a myth that the size of a woman’s vaginal opening increases while she is aroused during sex. There could be a bit of a clitoral stimulation while she is aroused, that too depends highly on the size and shape of different women. It is incorrect to presume that a woman’s size of the vaginal open increases by any chance.’

In terms of arousal, a number of organs come to play and the foreplay plays a very important role. The vagina is an organ with elasticity, present just below the woman’s vulva doesn’t expand when a woman is aroused, however, her clitoris does stiffen and ger a mini-erection yes almost like a penis but in a much smaller scale. The clitoris at that time becomes extremely sensitive and the feeling of pleasure increases the woman will know that she is about to orgasm because of the strong tingling and pleasurable feeling in her body. The sensation of having an orgasm starts much before the actual ‘release’’, yes! could even start during the foreplay. when a woman gets aroused her clitoris fills up with blood and expands, the mini-erection that we spoke about earlier. But did you know that a lot of women can only experience orgasms through clitoral stimulation? You might want to know the types of orgasms a woman has and how does orgasm feel to both women and men.

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