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Ditch that gym membership for these 7 new-age activities to stay FIT!

Joining a gym’s annual membership is what behavioural economists call pre-commitment wherein you are picturing the ‘new me’ who’s actually going to go to the gym three times a week and become a physical fitness machine. Keeping aside motivation problem, people still like the idea of being locked into a contract with a gym. But does that really work? Yukti Torka, Fitness Coach at Obino, an online health and weight loss coach begs to differ and suggests seven fun and affordable alternatives for gymming. Here’s more on fun and exciting ways to lose weight!

1. Organize a Facebook walking club: Walking has always been the best alternatives to gym memberships. The problem, however, is that it isn’t exactly easy to stay motivated to keep walking on a consistent basis. Creating a network of people with similar goals that you are accountable to can be one of the best ways to ensure you stick to any exercise regime. In fact, people networking is one of the main reasons people signing up for gym memberships in the first place. Social media platforms such as Facebook allow you to connect easily and safely, with friends and family and form walking groups to keep you on track. Further, as a bonus, both walking and Facebook cost us not a single penny.

2. Get motivation from YouTube Videos and channels: Whether you prefer yoga, Pilates, or Zumba; you can find a wide variety of workout videos on YouTube for free, which allows you to pick and choose when your workout and the type of the workout you feel like doing. Like many of the other digital alternatives to gym memberships, you can also exercise or watch the video from any device, which is handy if you aren’t near a television.

3. Digital personal trainers with apps: Personal trainers are great since they not only just keep you motivated but also mentor you throughout your exercise routine. The problem is that most personal trainers cost huge in addition to the gym membership fees you are already paying. Digital personal trainers are now available online through a number of fitness apps that can help manage your exercise routine, give tips, monitor your activity, calories and help with nutrition, and above all are more economical. You can try any activity like cycling, running, walking, yoga or engaging in any other type of activity.

4. Zumba: It is said that workouts don’t have to be a routine. If they become routine, more often people would tend to start ignoring it. It ought to be something refreshing, giving a sense of joy. Zumba with is music & dance elements isn’t even a workout, it’s a fun, social dance party — with exercise being the biggest add-on! During Zumba music is fast, upbeat and contagious, so you can’t help but keep moving rather start dancing. Since Zumba takes place in a group setting, it is by far one of the best ways to get your friends on your “exercise routine.” It’s a great Fun indeed. Read more on how to dance away the weight with Zumba!

5. Enroll in a dance class: Shake that booty! Not necessarily in a club on a Saturday night, but there is nothing stopping you turning the TV over to a music channel and having a 20 minutes dance around the living room. Choose music with a good beat that really gets you going, even if it’s cheesy 80s music! If you have kids anything like mine, they will love it and join in!

6. Take the stairs: It’s so easy to use the elevator, or jump in the nearest lift, but don’t. It’s a lazy option and a quick fix. It seems like stairs are going out of fashion. Just thinking about local shopping centre and to get between floors, the escalators are positioned near each of the main entrances, but you must hunt around to find the stairs. If you work in a larger office, then you’ll probably have the option of a lift or stairs too. You could burn 15 calories if you walk up one flight of stairs, three times per day, which soon adds up. Here’s more on how to burn 500 calories in a day without Dieting/Gymming/Exercising!

7. Join marathons: Running is one of the best workouts providing an efficient full-body workout, burning tons of calories, with a toned body, providing a great venue for socializing, and improves emotional well-being. Once a beginner masters the couch to 5K journey, they often begin training for longer lengths. After running a few 10Kms and half marathons, next challenge is the ultimate full marathon races. Key takeaways why many people want to run long distance include the thrilling challenge, the personal victory of achieving a high goal, desire to burn thousands of calories while strengthening their bodies. Also, not to forget the pics with medals and taglines “I am a Finisher” with a post on Facebook.

The key to successful workouts whether in a gym, non-gym or through any of the many digital fitness plans available, is finding the one that you enjoy and fits your schedule, without wasting a lot of money in the process. Thanks to the many technological advances that we have access to, we have many more options for getting into shape than paying for and dragging ourselves to expensive gyms and a much better chance of being successful.

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