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Diabetes tip: Eat a Mediterranean diet rich in plant proteins and healthy fats!

In the recent years the Mediterranean diet has become the darling of the health world for its focus on fresh, natural ingredients, plant-based foods, herbs, fish, wine and a generous dose of healthy fats. Previously, fats were looked at with suspicion; but all that changed when the world embraced the Mediterranean diet. There is a laundry list of health benefits associated with the diets, including healthy weight loss, improved heart health, cancer-fighting properties, good cognitive health and lastly, prevention and management of diabetes.

The fundamental problem with the Indian diet, which makes it a very anti-diabetic diet, the importance we place on carbohydrates. In every meal, white rice and flour take centre stage and vegetables and proteins form a small, insignificant part of it. Our fixation with eating sweets after every meal doesn’t help either. To effect any change in our health, it is important to factor in the role of a healthy diet; that’s where the Mediterranean diet comes into the picture. Here are 12 shocking facts about diabetes in India.

Many healthcare experts and institutions like American Diabetes Association recommend the adoption of the diet to stabilise blood sugar levels and improve cardiovascular health in diabetes. Evidence says that Mediterranean diet helps in reducing inflammation and brings insulin levels under control. Since it comprises healthy proteins and fats, the diet helps in regulating blood sugar levels, improving glycaemic control and reducing the intensity of metabolic syndrome.

Although following an out-and-out Mediterranean diet may not be feasible in India, diabetics can try emulating its food philosophy and incorporate some of the good elements of the diet into their everyday lives. Eating plant-based proteins; healthy fats like eggs, flaxseeds, nuts and oily fish like mackerel, tuna and sardines; and whole grains, vegetables and fruits. It’s also important to incorporate a healthy exercise routine and, in the true Mediterranean spirit, enjoy meals along with family and friends for maximum benefits.


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