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Diabetes doubles the chance of developing cataract

Diabetes doubles the chance of developing cataract, with the relative risk highest in those aged between 45 and 54, according to a study. Researchers analysed medical records from 56,510 UK-based diabetes patients aged 40 or over and found that cataract was diagnosed at an overall rate of 20.4 per 1,000 people. Diabetics aged between 45 and 54 were considerably more likely than non-sufferers to develop cataract. Those diabetic patients aged between 45 and 49 were 4.6 times more likely to, and diabetics aged between 50 and 54 were 5.7 times more at risk than their healthy counterparts. Cataract is one of the main causes of global sight loss.

In a previous study by the Vision Loss Expert Group, it was revealed that the condition accounted for significant vision loss or blindness in 65 million people worldwide. Co-author Rupert Bourne said: “The report has shown that having diabetes doubles your risk of being diagnosed with a cataract, and that this risk is six times higher if a diabetic patient has significant diabetic retinal disease, called diabetic maculopathy.” The study has been published in the journal Eye. Follow these tips to prevent the damage of your eyes. 

Cataract may appear in early age among people suffering from diabetes. Characterized by the clouding of the eye lens, cataract is mainly caused due to increased glucose levels in the lens causing swelling.

Diabetic persons can suffer from-

— Subcapsular Cataract: The condition originates at the back of the lens.

— Nuclear Cataract: It is related to aging and originate in the nucleus (center part) of the lens.

— Cortical Cataract: Starting from the periphery, cortical cataract affects the central part of the lens. Every diabetic person should get these 7 life-saving tests.

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