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1 year ago
Detoxify Your Life!

It seems like creepy chemicals are hidden everywhere, from canned goods to beauty products--even vibrators!

But you don’t need to bury yourself in research to create a healthy environment that’s toxin-free. And you don’t have to commit to a life of boredom, beige, and tofu, either.

That’s because Women's Health cover star Jessica Alba has already done the legwork for you: In her new book The Honest Life, the actor and founder of The Honest Company presents the safest foods and the best eco-friendly products to clean your home, stock your vanity, and fill your closet.

The go-to guide makes it easy to make toxin-free choices without breaking the bank. And it pretty much covers everything, from how to eat seasonally, healthfully, and deliciously; how to clean and decorate your home with a chic mix of DIY and vintage pieces; and how to choose the safest beauty products.

To detoxify your life and create a space that’s cozy, clean, and totally you, pick up a copy of The Honest Life here.

photo: Justin Coit
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Jessica Alba's go-to tips for making affordable, stylish nontoxic choices for your home and family! Buy The Honest Life today!

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