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9 months ago
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Ageless beauty; vibrant, brilliant Sridevi left the country in shock. Her body was wrapped in the Indian tricolour and given full state honours and military band. The funeral procession was the biggest Mumbai had seen ever before. She was the first female superstar of India.

Sridevi had a Padma Shri and five Filmfare awards to her credit. One wonders, which are those planets that played a very significant role in her life who had a career spanning over five decades? 

Sridevi was born on August 13, 1963, in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. A look at her horoscope reveals that the Sun, Venus and Mercury when situated on luminous signs like Cancer and Leo are excellent for phenomenal rise as an actor, at an early age. Luminous Moon is the strongest in the 11th house, which is significant for any actor to enter into the skin of character.

In a female’s horoscope, if the Sun and Venus are on Cancer, the native has a strong magnetism, which makes her exceedingly popular. The position forms Dhwaj Yoga, so she became a superstar at an early age of 16. Such yoga native is normally honoured in her whole life, achievements are remembered and honoured even posthumously.

Saturn is in its own domicile in the seventh house, signifies secret love affair and unconventional marriage. The Moon is the strongest planet on Taurus in the 11th house; so she got all good offers in Moon Dasha and Rahu Dasha like Himmatwala, Tohfa, Mr India, Chandni, Sadma, Nagina, Chaalbaaz, Lamhe, Khuda Gawah, Laadla, Judaai and many more. She made her come back in 2012 with English Vinglish in Jupiter Dasha.

The Tarot card represents the oval shaped face, her expressions wonderfully tender in its feminity made yet softer by the pale gold of her fairy like tresses; she represents ‘Kiss of Love’ idealistic and supreme; full of charm and grace.

The card is fortunate for glamour and stardom. But unfortunately it may indicate a sudden ending. Film industry has lost a true legend. Sridevi, you will be missed forever.

(The columnist is author of 32 books on Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Tarot, Dreams and Moles. He features regularly on various TV channels. You can email your queries at: [email protected])

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the column are those of the author and are not in any way endorsed by the newspaper.

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