Daisy Ridley Ignores the Dark Side and Opts For New Blonde Hair

Daisy Ridley has officially said no to the dark side and stepped out with blond hair. The Star Wars star popped up at the Incredible Women Talk evening with Dr Jane Goodall sporting an entirely new hue. Her makeup was minimal, and an all-black outfit ensemble let her hair take the spotlight.

Daisy's hair has been largely similar for many years, though she plays around with updos and curls, opting for chic looks like her brunette wavy lob and slicked back bun. She did go for a red hue in 2016, but didn't stick to the color for very long.

It's unclear whether Daisy has dyed her hair for a new acting role. She did go over to the blond side for the upcoming film Chaos Walking, but we suspect that was a wig. Maybe Daisy has decided it's time for a change in the next Star Wars instalment? Either way, we're loving her new look!

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