DIY: Here are 3 easy ways to make your own eyeliner at home

Makeup products contain a lot of harmful chemicals like methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl parabens, thimerosal, preservatives, lead, etc. You may not even have heard of some of these names; the companies also don’t disclose some of the harmful ingredients. But let’s be real here, even though DIY-ing may be time-consuming and less durable, you must do it once in a while. Especially when it comes to eye makeup products that you have to apply closer to your eyeballs –like the eyeliner– you mustn’t take any risk. Here are a few ways in which you can make liquid eyeliner at home with easy ingredients.

Charcoal powder black eyeliner
Charcoal powder capsules- 2
Distilled water 1 tablespoon

Open the activated charcoal capsules and pour the powder into a bowl. Add a few drops of distilled water and keep mixing till it reaches a semi-thick consistency. Pour it into a jar and apply it as per required with an eyeliner brush.

Almond black eyeliner. This one is a bit tricky but works well.
1 or 2 raw almond
a pair of tweezers
lighter or candle
Clean nail filer
Distilled water or coconut oil

Take a raw almond and place it on the flames of the candle or lighter till it is dark black.
Take it away from the fire and while you hold it with a tweezer, take a nail filer and rub it against the roasted area to scrape off the dark pigment.
Collect the pigment and strain it.
Mix it with distilled water or oil according to the texture you want.
Store it in a jar but not for long. Keep making it in small portions.

Brown eyeliner:
Cocoa powder or cinnamon powder- half a tablespoon
Distilled water- a few drops

Similar to the activated charcoal powder method mix the two ingredients and make sure no lump is formed. Store it in a jar and use it from time to time. Do not store it for a long duration.

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