Channel Selena Gomez on the Cheap With These 7 Hair Extensions For Under $25

When Selena Gomez turned up at Coach 1941's Fall 2018 Fashion Week show sporting hip-length hair, a rousing round of "Oh hell yes!" erupted in the POPSUGAR Beauty office. Lest we forget, the brunette recently finished her stint as a cropped blonde, making this long look an even bigger contrast. Of course, the faded mocha strands also bring to mind Selena's wonder years as a teen star of The Wizards of Waverly Place, when she rocked a similar style.

Since Selena had a shoulder-length lob literally yesterday, her locks were definitely the work of some hefty extensions. Since faux hair can cost the same as one month's rent for some people (we're talking upwards of $800 here), you may think your humble budget can't afford such a bougie expense. Well think again, short-haired wonders!

As we learned last Fall, when one Redditor posted a snapshot of her crazy-realistic, $11 hair extensions, Amazon's virtual strand-enhancing aisle is somewhat lit. Read on for the best Prime-eligible extensions under $25 - you'll be hair flippin' by the freaking weekend.

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