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Carbs that help you lose weight!


The best carbs which help weight loss

We have all had a hate relationship with carbohydrates, often blaming them for weight gain troubles. But carbs are not bad in fact many of them can aid your weight loss too. Here are the carbs you must eat to lose weight:



The juiciest fruit, watermelon is one of the best carbs to incorporate in your diet. About 92% of watermelon is water, which makes this tropical fruit perfect! Plus it has only 46 calories and 11g carbs in one cup.

Brown rice

Brown rice is the most nutrient dense food and it has a high water and fiber content. With its low cal goodness, eating brown rice before you start your meal helps prevent overeating.

Oats/ Pexels


Oatmeal isn’t like the usual popular cornflakes and other sugary breakfast cereals. Get the non instant version of oats and this perfect breakfast will keep your stomach full for much longer. Oats are complex carbs that your body digests at a slower pace. It also helps keep your energy and blood sugar levels perfect!


Chickpeas are often called guilt-free carbs. Loaded with lots of protein and fiber, chickpeas are filling. They also are a great source of folate and vitamin B6.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are loaded with water and fiber. They are lower on carbs that a regular potato and higher on taste. They are nutrient dense and contain 37% daily value of vitamin C along with vitamin E, potassium, carotene, and many other. The best part is that they are fat free!



The best munchy, popcorn is great to curb cravings as one serving only contains about 6g of carbs. Just make sure you pick the fat free ones!


Quinoa is slowly gaining popularity in India. It is full of fiber and water and it makes you fuller quickly.

Would you try these carbs?

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