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Caffeine addiction: 6 simple tips to quitting coffee

Coffee lovers would balk at the suggestion but caffeine addiction is something you should try to overcome this year. Too much caffeine leaves you restless, anxious, sleepless and hypoglycaemic. And if studies are to be believed, caffeine can also cause a cortisol surge in the body, leading to mid-section obesity. Although caffeine does have many health benefits, one cannot ignore its addictive nature. Going off caffeine suddenly may cause withdrawal symptoms, making you fall right back into the arms of your favourite beverage. Here are some fool-proof ways to quit caffeine addiction for once!

1. Wean off caffeine
As mentioned earlier, going cold turkey may cause caffeine withdrawal. You could experience fatigue, migraine and loss of concentration if you suddenly stop having coffee. Instead, cut down your consumption from three to two to one cup a day. Or alternatively, you can reduce the amount of coffee you take each time. The idea is to wean off slowly, without your body realising it.

2. Watch out for other sources of caffeine
Sometimes you wonder why you are doing so well despite going off coffee. Is it possible that you are still getting your caffeine supply from other sources of food? Chocolate, soft drinks like cola, and black and green tea may also contain caffeine albeit in lesser amounts. Be wary of what you eat and check for caffeine content.

3. Go decaf
Sometimes, you miss the deep earthy taste of coffee more than its caffeine kick. So buy decaffeinated coffee instead with most of its caffeine content removed. Although it may contain trace amounts of caffeine, it can’t do much damage.

4. Quit hanging out in cafes
It’s time to look out for another hangout place instead of your local cafe. Pick a salad bar or a restaurant instead of a coffee shop to socialise. This minimises your chances of falling off the wagon.

5. Look for coffee substitutes
Replace coffee with a drink that mimics its earthy taste. Although it’s not an exact match, palm jaggery mixed with water is had in South India as a substitute for coffee. Even carob powder or a mixture made of barley, wheat bran and molasses is used as mock coffee in many parts of the world.

6. An occasional cup won’t hurt
Don’t be hard on yourself. Sometimes it’s difficult to say no to coffee when you are offered a cup with a lot of love. One cup won’t hurt. So go right ahead and enjoy it. But ensure it’s just an occasional indulgence.

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