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1 week ago
Black tea can be a magical potion for your health

There are many health benefits of having black tea, it’s filled with anti-oxidant that keeps you healthy. These anti-oxidants play a great role in keep diseases at bay. There have scientific reasons that back the benefits of black tea. Jody Rudman, founder and owner of Tempest Tea, a retail-cafe tea concept in Dallas, tells us how having a cup of black tea can boost a healthy body. Being an expert about tea, no one better than her can explain how and why having black tea helps. Few researches have shown that black tea has power to reduce risks of heart ailments significantly.  These are also beneficial in preventing cancer risks. Jody Rudman too stands by these findings and suggest people to have fresh tea every day. While you can hear it from the horse’s mouth, we too encourage you to include black tea in your daily routine. More than that, it aids in weight loss by curbing the temptation to eat. It alters energy metabolism in liver and improves gut health. It can also help in reducing the level of bad cholesterol and keep blood sugar level under also under check.

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