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Beware: Your favourite weight loss mantra may be making you fat

Are you planning to start your weight loss journey to finally acquire the perfect figure? Then the first step for you is to know what really works and what doesn’t. With weight loss becoming a priority for most people, there is a high demand for knowledge about the ways in which this can be achieved. It is a common fact that high demand is usually followed by high supply, which is exactly the case here. Currently, the Internet is flooded with people who regularly share their weight loss methods and knowledge. Most of these methods have risen from misinformation and miscommunication. Some of these myths are so harmful that rather than helping a person lose weight, they may be doing just the opposite. It is extremely difficult to sort out the truth from the lies. To help you make the right choice, here are some myths that you must ignore if you want to lose weight.

Myth: Carbs are the enemy

Fact: Carbohydrates, which many believe should be completely cut off from diet, are actually responsible for creating energy in the body. Our body needs carbohydrates and completely removing them from your diet will only make you crave for them more. Instead, just take the refined and processed carbs out of your diet. Consumption of processed carbs spikes the insulin level in the body. This increases the risk of weight gain.

Myth: Drinking diet beverages will help

Fact: It is true that diet beverages contain less calories. This helps keep your calories intake in check and aids in weight loss. The problem is that this is only true in theory. In reality, these diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners, which trick you tongue and brain to consume more of these drinks. In order to satisfy your cravings, you eat more food and increase your total calorie intake.

Myth: Don’t eat after 8pm

Fact: Losing weight is a concept, which depends on what you eat rather than when you eat. You are allowed to eat later at night as long as the food you are consuming is low in calories and provides you with ample energy. You should avoid calorie-dense food items such as ice cream, chips and pizza at night. You can eat pumpkin seeds, hummus, oatmeal, bananas and peanut butter instead.

Myth: I can eat whatever I want, as long as I exercise

Fact: The best way to shed off weight is to maintain a balance between diet and exercise. The idea is to reduce calorie intake and increase the amount of physical activity. Doing one without the other can be very harmful to the body, especially for those with a serious weight problem. For example, accumulation of fat in blood vessels make it hard to pump oxygen to different organs in the body during a workout. This can cause heart failure. Not only is it harmful, it is also completely useless as a person will end up gaining back the lost weight once he/she stops exercising.

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