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1 year ago
Best Gifts for Your Dad

1/10 Jamie Chung
Firewire Skewers
He can load these flexible grilling skewers with lean protein.


2/10 Jamie Chung
Fire & Flavor Spice Rubs
Asian, coffee, mustard and herb, and everyday spice rubs will add fat-free zip to his favorite dishes.


3/10 Jamie Chung
Zomm Wireless Leash
He'll never lose his cell phone again.


4/10 Jamie Chung
Drosselmeyer Design Group Nutcracker
Encourage Dad to crack open some heart-healthy nuts.


5/10 Jamie Chung
Organic Grooming Cologne
A mature scent for your old man.


6/10 Jamie Chung
Orvis Fly-Tying Kit
Get him hooked on fishing with these DIY flies.


7/10 Jamie Chung
Eco-Artware Buffalonickel Cuff Links
Cuff links crafted from genuine Indian Head nickels.


8/10 Jamie Chung
Starlite LED Reading Light
An energyefficient nighttime reading essential.


Sachi Vino Insulated Wine Tote
He can keep a bottle of bubbly chilled for hours in this baby—you know, just in case there’s a surprise hole-in-one on the course.


Obermeyer Sunlight Down Swtr
Keep him warm and dry in this cozy quilted waterproof coat.


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