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10 months ago
Beauty update: Here's an expert guide to help you highlight like a pro

Used wisely, a good highlighter can lift your face. In addition to giving the face a dewy look, it can chisel it in the fashion of a Greek sculptor working his magic on clay. But one wrong move of the hand, and it could end up in a disaster.
The right areas: “It has to be applied on areas you need highlighted — collar bones, cheekbones or the rim of your nose. It should not be applied on the full face, as that makes it look bloated,” says makeup expert Naina Arora. It is also important to “understand your skin’s undertone — you can do so by taking your photo without any makeup in sunlight,” says beauty expert Aashmeen Munjaal.

Tone is vital
: Choose a highlighter that matches your skin tone, instead of one that matches your skin colour. “It depends on whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. Every highlighter doesn’t look good on everyone,” says Arora. “Apply it in the right light to know how much you have used. Blend it well; don’t leave it like a stroke,” she adds. “Highlighting and contouring go hand-in-hand. Our face has two zones called valleys and hills. Contouring is done on the valleys and highlighter is used on hills,” says Munjaal.

Hacks and tools
: Munjaal also shares a three-step hack: “Pout, relax, smile. Contour as you pout, apply blush-on while relaxed, and highlight while smiling.” Here, tools like beauty blenders and brushes also play an important role. Another trick? If you feel your lip colour is too matte, using highlighter over your lipstick “will give it a nice sheen and add volume to your lips,” shares Arora.

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