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11 months ago
Be A Part Of This Rujuta Diwekar-Led Campaign That Helps Children Bond Better With Nature!

About the Sonave Community Farming Project:

The Sonave Community Farming Project (SCFP) is a community farming initiative in Sonave, just 50kms from Mumbai, where participants can learn to farm and get access to real food.

What you can do as a part of this project:

Parents and children, can join hands for a family bonding time and connect with Nature and know more about farming by actually getting to the basics on a piece of land. You also get a chance to interact with farming experts and more knowledge on the right kind of food to farm and eat from the expert- Rujuta Diwekar, who is the force behind this initiative.

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Also, you can take home a part of the fresh produce that you grow yourself and also access the fresh produce from the local farmer’s market. What’s more? Premium produce like fruits, vegetables, rice, oils, etc., from Rujuta’s family farm is also shared as per availability.

Who can participate:

Everyone in the family who loves to bond better with Mother Nature can be a part of this project. The idea of the campaign is to get kids to bond better with Nature and connect with our roots- Spend time with Mitti, not the Mall!

How to join:

The event happens throughout the year. You can choose to be a part of the all-year project or be involved on one particular Sunday- as per your convenience.


You can contact [email protected] or call +91-8080824276. You can also visit

For more details about the project- click here. 

Images source: RujutaDiwekar/Facebook

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