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Balika Vadhu actor Neha Marda has the BEST mother-in-law in town. Here’s proof!

All mothers-in-law need not be straight out of Hindi daily soaps, planning and scheming against their poor daughters-in-law. There are a few Indian bahus who share an awesome relationship with their sasumaas. Case in point is Balika Vadhu actor Neha Marda.

Time and again, the Balika Vadhu actress has maintained that she shares a fantastic relationship with her mother-in-law. But we must say that her mother-in-law also makes sure that her one and only bahu feels special.

Balika Vadhu actor Neha Marda gets luxurious gifts from her sasuma

Neha Marda's mother-in-law makes sure that she keeps her bahu happy. And what better way to make someone special than by surprising them with unexpected gifts. Yes, that's right!


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The Balika Vadhu actor Neha Marda got a BWM from her saas on her first wedding anniversary. Her mother-in-law chose the car as Neha is fond of swanky luxurious cars.

But that's not all! Her loving mother-in-law gifted her an Audi on her second anniversary. On her third anniversary, Neha got a Jaguar. We must say that Neha is extremely lucky to have a generous and loving mother-in-law like this.

Neha also got an exquisite jadau set from her mother-in-law a a gift for her wedding and Neha recently shared a picture of the same.

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"Thank u mommy for this beautiful Jwelery ... reminds me of my wedding when u gifted me this exclusive jadau set from Mughal period specially chosen by papa ... very very precious to me," she wrote on Instagram.

My mother-in-law wants me to be independent

Gifts aside, Neha also credits her mother-in-law in supporting her work. In fact, it was her mother-in-law who made sure that Neha keeps working after marriage.

"My mother-in-law wants me to be independent. She thinks getting married and being a housewife is not the be-and-end-all of a woman's life...She must do something creative. I am treated like a daughter by my in-laws. I am often out on shoots and they are in Patna but it never causes any problem," said Neha in an interview recently.


My strength...completes me ????

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Neha is pampered like anything by her in-laws, who live and belong to Patna.

"At my in-laws' place, every decision is taken keeping every family member in the loop... Everyone gives their opinion and I personally like such family system, where you get a chance to speak your mind.' Her mother-in-law fondly calls her 'bahurani' while her father-in-law treats her like a princess," she adds.

A marriage needs a lot of work and not only between two partners but between two families as well. Both in-laws and daughters-in-law have to work in tandem to make sure that the marriage is smooth. Perhaps all mothers-in-law can take a cue from Neha's mother-in-law on how to treat your bahu like your beti!

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