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Astro health predictions – December 5th week (2017)


Planetary positions here indicate that you will remain in a good general health here. However, if being troubled by any health issue for long, you need to be careful about the same. Maintain the good health. Good eating habits will keep all illness at bay. Teenagers too need to kick off the unhealthy lifestyle and start with a healthy diet.


Minor vexing ailments will grip you. Issues like common cough cold will trouble you for a long time. Take vitamin C supplements.  No major threat to your physical well being is envisaged here. You will feel relaxed with your daily regime of yoga and exercises.


This week you may hit the bed as you will be down with some viral infection. Take due preventive measures to restrict the issue from taking an alarming proportion. If being troubled by irregularity in blood pressure, remain careful here. Have a regular check up to become aware of any variations. Exercise and do yoga.


The work pressure at office and business seem to be doing more harm than good. Acidic tendency in digestive system is likely to trouble you this week. Gulp a lot of antacids and drink a lot of water. Include a lot of green veggies and fiber rich grain for washing out excess of acidic reflux from digestive system. Avoid inflammatory food.


You will be disappointed with your health this week. You are advised to stay alert and maintain a vigorous routine as far as exercise is concerned. Do not neglect even minor looking health issue and attend the same promptly with due preventive measures.  In the meantime it is time to get serious about some good healthy habits like waking up early.


Dear Virgo, just as the week unfolds, some minor issue or other will take hold of you. Even if this appears as uncomplicated or minor, you must tackle it with caution and care. No serious kind of health issue is likely to trouble you here. Remember that if your eating habits are good, problems will be at bay. Stick to your diet.


No serious attack on your health is envisaged here. You will remain in pink of your health. However, you need to be as watchful as a hawk. If you follow a fitness schedule you will continue to sail in good health. Also ensure you take adequate rest to avoid over exhaustion.


Your health is positive. You will remain in pink of your health. Your stars are lined up to bless you and you feel lively the week long. There is a possibility of getting injured unexpectedly. So watch out while you are driving. Adopt all safety measures. Some of you may plan to join a gym or a fitness center.



This is a great week for you health wise. The week is stacked with immense vitality for you. You will feel rejuvenated. You will have enough energy and vitality to get through a hectic schedule. There will be no major health issue. You will remain healthy and feel energetic. Support a sound lifestyle to build resistance.


Afflicted Sun may lead to some kind of viral infection catching up with you. Take due precautionary measures to keep things well under control. You seem to worry a lot. This causes you to age faster. Maintain balance between family and work else it will tell on your health. Say positive affirmations that can heal your body.


From a health perspective, you ought to take care as there is likelihood of some unexpected health issue catching up with you or a minor issue taking alarming proportion if not treated effectively promptly. Guard against infections and seasonal related ailments. Having a balanced diet can take care of health problems.


Slow digestion may bother you here. Take advice from a specialist physician for keeping digestive system in order. You will suffer from heartburn. Avoid inflammatory foods and food that contains gluten. This week, positive thinking and avoiding negative emotions will bring some good results on your health. Eye strain can be avoided by controlling use of mobile to watch movies.

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