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10 months ago
Are you making these common mistakes with your new body piercing?

From the classic earlobes to the navel, people are obsessing over getting pretty jewellery pieces all over their body. But what too many of us do not realise is that they are open wounds, and you need to take care of the area in order to avoid painful infections that can get so bad that you can even land up in the hospital. So are you making these piercing mistakes asks Dinesh Pradhan from R Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio, Mumbai?

You touch the piercing: Touching the fresh piercing is the worst thing you can do. It is the number one thing that irritates the skin and causes an infection in the area. Here are 7 expert tips to heal your newly pierced ears. 

You use harsh soaps in the area: Using harsh soaps, ointments or alcohol to clean the piercing is also not right. Using alcohol, or Neosporin or hydrogen peroxide can get too harsh on your skin.

You use cotton buds to clean the piercing: Using cotton buds or pads to clean their piercing is another big mistake that people make. The residue from the cotton can get stuck in the piercing and can actually make it worse, so instead, you should just soak kitchen roll in saline and gently press it to either side of the piercing.

You try to prick the crustie: Every piercing has a little crustie on it and that can be totally normal. Those crusties are just a result of your body trying to heal itself. They are just white blood cells that are dried up when you are healing.

You change the piercing within two months: You should not change original piercing for a minimum period of 2-6 months. Your body takes at least 2-to 6 months to heal so it is best that you give some time for the wound to heal. Here are 7 tips to ensure safe body piercing. 

You get the piercing with a gun: One of the most common mistakes people make is getting pierced with a gun. Piercing with a gun can cause a lot of trauma to the earlobes. The piercing needle just separates the skin but the piercing gunshots out a chunk of the skin.

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