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Are there any health benefits of eating sabudana khichdi while fasting during Mahashivaratri?

Sabudana Khichdi is a go to snack while fasting. It’s tasty, it’s easy to make and keep you full for a long time. But is that healthy, especially during fasting? Dr Neha Sanwalka, Nutritionist, says that eating sabudana khichdi while fasting is definitely better than eating potatoes all through the day. Apart from fruits,  milk and potatoes there are not many options to eat while fasting. And that is why sabudana khichdi is a good option.

But is it healthy?  It is believed that sabudana is healthy because it is made from tapioca. Even though there are many health benefits of tapioca, most of these benefits are lost during the process of making sabudana. Dr Sanwalka says that Sabudana is only rich in carbohydrates and does not contain other essential nutrients.

But that doesn’t make sabudana khichdi unhealthy. Sabudana khichdi is made with ghee, potatoes, jeera, peanuts along with sabudana. These individual components have their health benefits which is why eating sabudana khichdi while fasting is not a bad idea. Here’s a complete recipe of sabudana khichdi.

Ghee–While fasting your diet is very limited and when you are fasting for long periods such as during Sharvan and Navratri you tend  to miss out on certain important nutrients. Ghee in the khichdi will make up for the fat your body needs. Plus, it also helps in digestion along with having many other health benefits.

JeeraHealth benefits of jeera are many and it is widely used in Indian cuisine. Dr Sanwalka says, jeera helps in digestion and also prevents constipation.  Many times, fasting  causes bloating and jeera can prevent that too.

Potatoes–Potatoes like  sabudana are also rich in carbohydrates which makes them an excellent source of energy which comes handy when you are fasting. Potatoes have many health benefits and along with being rich in micronutrients.

Peanuts--Apart from being rich in carbohydrates peanuts also contain proteins which your body needs during fasting.

Ginger and green chillies–Many people add ginger to sabudana khichdi. Dr Sanwalka says that ginger is not just good for digestion but also has antibacterial properties. Green chillies too help in digestion and also contain small amounts of vitamin C.

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