Are Nightfalls Really A Cause For Weakness & Fatigue?

Nightfalls or ‘wet dreams’ are a common, and sometimes embarrassing, problem for adolescents and younger men. Sex is still considered a taboo subject in India, which is ironic given that our population is over 1 billion! It’s no surprise that there are a huge number of myths surrounding masturbation and nightfalls, and one of the most common ideas is that nightfalls can make you weak.

But do nightfalls really make you weak, and should you be worried?

Will Nightfalls Make You Weak?

“Nightfalls are just your body releasing unused semen”

When you hit puberty, your chest and shoulders broaden and your muscles become more defined — this is because your body is now producing the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is also linked to semen production, which is why the rise in testosterone during puberty causes nightfalls.

Nightfalls are nothing more than your body releasing unused semen and so it will not make you weak. This problem is most common in adolescence, but it can continue well after puberty. Semen is often viewed as a sign of masculinity but get one thing clear: your physical strength lies in your muscles and not in your jizz!

How To Stop Nightfalls

There’s no surefire way to stop nightfalls, but there are ways in which you can decrease the chances of it happening”

Even though nightfalls do not pose any risk to your health and wellbeing, they can be embarrassing, especially since most of us share a room with our siblings! Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to stop nightfalls, but there are ways in which you can decrease the chances of it happening.

Avoid Abstinence

“Masturbate regularly and soon you will notice that your nightfalls stop”

Since nightfalls are a way for your body to get rid of stored semen, the simplest way to make sure this does not happen is to release the build-up. Of course sex would be the most enjoyable option, but if that’s not happening, you can masturbate instead.

Many of us feel guilty about masturbating because of social norms or religious beliefs, but studies show that masturbation is actually good for your health. Masturbate regularly and soon you will notice that your nightfalls stop — if you’ve taken out the bullets the gun won’t fire!

Try Ashwagandha — The Wonder Herb

“Ashwagandha is effective in treating a variety of sexual health problems including impotence, erectile dysfunction, and nightfalls”

Ashwagandha is known for its stress-relief benefits and the power to improve longevity, but what really makes this herb special is its effects on sexual health. Many people swear by ashwagandha for male sexual health problems like impotence and erectile dysfunction, but many claim that it can also help to prevent nightfalls.

Our Take On Nighfalls Causing Weakness

Nightfalls will not make you weak and will not reduce your sperm count and will definitely will not decrease the size of your penis — don’t buy into these myths. So, instead of worrying about your nightfalls, be aware of real health risks you expose yourself to on a daily basis simply by using your phone or laptop, or by failing to maintain good oral hygiene. Yes, those lifestyle habits pose a real risk of erectile dysfunction and infertility!

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