All you wanted to know about kohl

Kareena wearing kohl
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor

Often when we talk about makeup and often foundation, lipstick and blusher come to our mind and we tend to ignore the importance of kohl and focus more on eye shadows.

Kohl or kajal is very essential especially for Indian women and kohl can enhance the make up and look. Few days back we got some queries from our readers related to kohl so we decided to get Makeup artist Niti Luthra to answer their questions. 

Is the trend of applying kohl below the waterline outdated now?

No, the trend is still in vogue, but people prefer to use coloured kohl’s below the waterline.

Which is the best way to apply kajal to make the eyes look bigger?

The best way is to fill the rim and your lower lash line with kohl nicely. Add black eye shadow or liner and extend it little outwards. Fill the upper lash line from inside with the kohl. This will make your eyes look bigger.

What is the latest makeup trend related to kohl?

The latest make up trend is following the look of sixties this season, in which the rim is filled with white or nude pencil and the coal is in the inner upper and corners of lower lash line.

How to match coloured kohl with Indian outfits?

Coloured kohl looks great with our traditional attires. One can use colours like green, navy blue, deep purple with Indian outfits. It is observed that people prefer it in the lower lash line and blend it with the same colour shadow.

 How to prevent kajal from smudging?

You can apply kajal in your lower lash; followed by a very thin line either with black eye shadow or with liquid liner, so that it doesn’t smudge.

Should people with big eyes avoid kohl?
Kohl enhances the eyes; one should avoid black and instead use brown for big eyes.

Pencil Kohl
Pencil Kohl

Which is the best kohl for beginners?

Beginners should opt for pencil kajal or liners.

Which is the best Kohl: gel, pencil or revolving variety?
There are many but my favourite is pencil kohl like Urban Decay kohl.

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