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10 months ago
A pre-wedding meal plan to help you de-bloat and get your glow on!

If you are planning your wedding you must have already picked your outfit, booked your hotel and flight, and figured your hairstyle. But a large part of feeling and looking best at your wedding day depends on what you eat leading up to the grand event. Sure you know that you should fill yourself up with a lot of nutrients and vitamins daily, but you need to have a diet plan that will help you de-bloat and make you have that glow on your face. With just one month in hand, you need a diet which is rich in whole foods. This meal plan by nutritionist Priya Kathpal has been designed to reduce the bloat, improve your skin, and help you get more energy for your big day.

Breakfast: The first meal of your day should be filling and nutritious. So have a cup of cooked oatmeal, a quarter cup of mixed raisins and almonds and a cup of low-fat meal. Here’s how to go on a healthy pre-wedding diet to lose weight. 

Mid-Morning snack: For the mid-morning snack, you can have a cup of low-fat yoghurt and a cup of sliced pears to satiate your hunger pangs. You can also drink a glass of fresh fruit juice to stay hydrated.

Lunch: For lunch, you can opt for a cup cooked brown rice along with a cup of tofu or cottage cheese curry cooked with one tablespoon vegetable oil. A fibre-rich meal can help you slowly release the gas, helping you deal with bloating.

Evening snacks: Eat 20 grams of dry roasted peanuts in the evening. Peanuts will not only prevent the production of gas but also aid in digestion.

Dinner: You should stay away from foods laden with sugar and salt especially during dinner as it might further worsen bloating. So having a light yet filling dinner can just be ideal. You can have two whole grain bread slices and grilled chicken breast along with a cup of leafy green vegetables. Here’s what you should do one month before your wedding. 

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