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A glass of red wine can make you feel relaxed

New Delhi: If you want to feel relaxed after a hard day, drink a glass of red wine, says a study. 

Researchers conducted an analysis included the responses of nearly 30,000 adults aged between 18 and 34. 

Around 59 percent of the respondent's associated spirits, like vodka, gin, whiskey and other hard alcohols, with feelings of energy and confidence. 

And more than four out of 10 associated them with feeling sexy, showed the study published in the journal BMJ Open.

Spirits were, however, the least likely to be associated with feeling relaxed. Just 20 percent felt so. 

Red wine was the most likely to elicit this feeling (just under 53 per cent) followed by beer (around 50 per cent).

Drinking spirits was also more likely to draw out negative feelings than all the other types of alcohol. 

Nearly a third (30 per cent) of spirit drinkers associated this tipple with feelings of aggression compared with around 2.5 per cent of red wine drinkers.

"Understanding emotions associated with alcohol consumption is imperative to addressing alcohol misuse, providing insight into what emotions influence drink choice between different groups in the population," the researchers said.

The responses differed by gender and category of alcohol dependency.

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