9 things to keep in mind while buying sunglasses

More than a style statement, sunglasses are first and foremost, the most important step towards protecting your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Dr Rajiv Bajaj, ophthalmologist guides us in understanding what you should know before buying sunglasses.

Some things that a person should consider while purchasing sunglasses include the following.

1.UV protection: It should indicate whether it blocks 100% of UV rays. Not many people check for this when they purchase sunglasses due to lack of awareness.

2. Bigger cover: Bigger sunglasses can help in reducing sun damage to the eyes. Oversized or wraparound-style glasses can help reduce the UV light entering the eye from the side.

3. Color does not matter: Black or any other coloured lenses do not offer added benefits. They don’t block more UV light. These 6 habits also harm your eyes.

4. Polarized does not cut glare: Although polarization reduces glare from reflective surfaces it does not offer more protection from UV rays. However, it makes activities such as driving safer.

Choose the best lenses for your glasses

The choice of eyeglass lenses depends on four main factors: appearance, comfort, vision, and safety.

5. Eyeglass lens material: Some basic criteria for choosing this are durability and comfort.

6. Refractive index: For a given power, a lens that is made of a material with a high refractive index will be thinner than a lens made of a material with a lower refractive index.

7. Abbe value: Abbe values of eyeglass lens materials range from a high of 59 (crown glass) to a low of 30 (polycarbonate). The lower the Abbe number, the more likely the lens material is to cause chromatic aberration. Read here your guide to buy the right pair of sunglasses

8. Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating: Both of these are imperative for ensuring comfort and safety of the eyes.

9. UV-blocking capacity: A long-time exposure to the UV radiation over a person’s lifetime has been associated with age-related eye problems including cataracts and macular degeneration. Therefore, the lenses should have a good UV-blocking capacity. These tips will help you find the right sunglasses for your face shape.

Eye Glass Lens Coating

Lens coatings can enhance the durability, performance, and appearance of eyeglass lenses. A hard coating can extend the life of the lenses. They will also make the surface less sensitive to mechanical strains which can lead to scratches and deteriorate vision. It is also important for the coating to be high-quality and anti-reflective to improve the look and minimize distracting reflections through the spectacle lens. In addition to this, a good spectacle lens should also not attract dirt, dust, and fluff easily. They should be easy to clean as well.

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