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1 year ago
9 Ways to Be More Like Beyoncé

1/10 ,

Leave it to Beyoncé to surprise the planet by releasing an album of 14 songs and 17 videos that no one was expecting. The woman is fierce and beyond talented. Follow these steps to bring out the Bey within you. 


2/10 ,

In the middle of the night, casually make a giant surprise announcement, complete with complimentary artsy videos.


3/10 ,

Drop your last name. Everyone knows who you are anyway.


4/10 ,

Also, start using a nickname, because three letters are really all people need to convey that they’re talking about you.


5/10 ,

Baby on the way? Social media announcements are so cliché. Head onstage, whip open a sequined blazer, and rub your belly.


6/10 ,

Name your firstborn a color.

7/10 ,

Eat vegan until Christmas. (Do it alongside your famous rapper hubby.)


8/10 ,

Embrace your fabulousness by regularly posting gorgeous photos of yourself that are worthy of a magazine spread.


9/10 ,

Wear crazy-high heels whenever—and wherever—you feel like it (even if you said you wouldn't—hey, heels are hot!).

10/10 ,

When you want to really get down, skip the pants and go for a killer leotard.

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