9 Real Men Share Their Biggest Sex Regrets

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By Michelle Toglia for YourTango

Think most guys' biggest sex regrets have to do with women they didn't sleep with? Think again. You'll never guess the secret sexcapades that real guys revealed when we asked them about their top regrets in bed. Read on to learn all the juicy details.

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Hooking Up with a Married Friend

"I had a close friend who I had been involved with, but we still messed around while she was married. Needless to say, that blew up and we no longer talk. She's since moved, and we've both moved on, but I would go back and at least change what happened after she got married. I came in between someone else's commitment and lost a true friend," —Eddie, 22

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Sleeping with a Friend During Her Breakup

Jake, 26, says his biggest sex regret is "sleeping with a friend who was on a break with her boyfriend. It was her suggestion, but days later she felt so guilty that things got really awkward between us."

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Losing His Virginity Before Marriage

"I regret losing my virginity before marriage. It doesn't sound like much, but eventually you realize that the people you are sleeping with are not the ones you're gonna be with in the long run. I gave a major piece of my personal self to them—and it can be hard emotionally. In some way, you will always have an emotional bond, which can make it difficult to give your whole self to the love of your life." —Marcus, 23

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Sleeping with a Friend's Ex

"My biggest sex regret is sleeping with a friend's ex-girlfriend," says Chris, 26, "After it happened she told him, and we haven't been friends since. Big regret."

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Taking Sex Too Seriously

"My biggest regret is taking sex so seriously," says Jon, 30, "sometimes sex is just ridiculous and hilarious, so you have to be able to laugh at yourselves—before, during, and after. Looking back, all the pressure I used to put on myself was such an emotional waste of time."

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