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1 year ago
9 Gifts for Tech Kings & Queens

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Want to seriously please someone on your list? These hot tech buys will get that person crazy-charged up.

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Earbuds with Bite

A fun gift for an old bud.

DCI Shark Earbuds, $12,

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Travel-Friendly Plugs

Stay in touch with a plug adapter usable in over 150 countries.

4-in-1 travel adapter, $25,

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A Crazy-Lightweight Tablet

For the person who carries a tablet everywhere, this new model weighs only one pound. Seriously.

Apple iPad Air, starts at $499,

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A Way-Cool Device

Turns your smartphone, tablet, or laptop into a remote control.

Google Chromecast, $35,

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A Customizable Dashboard

Each of the four dials keeps track of whatever your giftee chooses, from the weather to new emails to FitBit deets.

Quirky Nimbus, $129.99,

7/10 ,
Software for Big Moments

For the softie who love photos and videos.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Photoshop Premiere Elements 12, $99.99 each or $149.99 for the pair,

8/10 ,
A Classic Charger

A vintage collection of Shakespeare’s sonnets that will pretty up your friend’s nightstand—and also charge her iPhone.

Shakespeare iPhone 5 booksi Dock by Rich Neeley Designs, $52,


9/10 ,
A Console from the Future

You name it, this can play it: TV, music, movies, apps, games, Xbox Fitness (an online fitness service that uses Kinect to give you feedback on your form!).

Xbox One, $499.99, available November 22 at; Xbox Fitness is free with an Xbox Live Gold membership ($59.99 for a 12-month membership)


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Photo-Printing Fun

Prints iPhone pics onto vintage-y film.

The Impossible Project Instant Lab, $299 (plus $25 for eight blank pieces of film), available late November at

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