8 Women Share the Most Offensive Remarks Guys Have Made About Their Pubic Hair


I’ve never in my life made a comment to a woman about her pubic hair, and I don’t intend to (unless I encounter someone who is doing something really cool and creative down there, at which point I’ll be like, “Hey, cool pubes!”).

I’m not even sure I even have a specific preference. But apparently lots of guys don’t dig pubes on women and aren’t afraid to tell them so, which is kind of crazy. After all, if I’m in a position where I’m encouraged to get near the pubic region, I’m not about to start critiquing!

I reached out to a bunch of women who were willing to anonymously share some of the weirdest and worst things dudes have said to them about their down-there hairstyles. Guys, if you’re reading this—you’re a bunch of jerks!

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“I slept with a guy a few times, and I think on the third time we were together he asked me if I would trim or shave or wax my pubic hair. When I asked why he said that, he said it was because he kept almost sneezing when he went down on me. It was, strangely, kind of a valid thing to say. And he was really good at oral, so I did a little trimming.”

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“We were lying in bed after a nice round of sex, talking about what kinds of things we liked and didn’t like. He scrunched up his face and was like, ‘I hate pubes.’ He couldn’t explain why. Eventually, we concluded that he’d been conditioned that way because of the porn he watched. Then, we had a discussion about how real-life sex is not at all like pornographic sex.”

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“I had a man ask me point-blank if I would shave or wax my pubic hair. I said if he had a good reason that I’d think about shaving—but not waxing because that f*cking hurts. He shrugged and said, ‘I dunno. My ex did it, and I guess I just like it that way.’ I took this to mean he was thinking about his ex’s vagina while in or around my vagina. I never saw him again.”

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“I asked my boyfriend what he wanted for Valentine’s Day, which in hindsight was something I probably knew subconsciously would result in a weird answer. He asked if I could shave my pubes into in a landing strip—instead of my usual style…I’ll call it a ‘light tuft.' I said, ‘Sure. Maybe then you’ll finally be able to figure out where you’re supposed to be going.’ BOOM. ROASTED. But I did it anyway because he’s a generally good boyfriend.”

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“This wasn’t even about my pubes, but I found it ridiculous anyway. My male friend had slept with a woman and was telling me about it. When I asked him if he was going to see her again, he said he wasn’t likely to because she 'had a '70s porn star bush.' It amazed me this guy was being so picky because he, um, doesn’t have much success in the sex department. I just never thought a guy would shy away from repeat business because of hair!”

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“I was at a party where I got really drunk and went home with a guy I had only met a few times. He was just as drunk as I was, or at least I think so, because when he was going down on me, he looked up, made eye contact, and said, ‘I could floss my teeth with these.’ I almost vomited. It really took me out of the mood. I still don’t know if he was joking or not, but my libido immediately dropped, and I got dressed and went home.”

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“'Why don’t you have any pubes?’ he asked five minutes after we’d finished hooking up. ‘I get waxed,’ I said. ‘I like to keep it clean and smooth down there.’ He then grilled me about the intricacies of a Brazilian wax—how much it costs, how much it hurts, how long it lasts, etc. It was almost like he was thinking of getting one. It was kind of weird, but I think he was just genuinely curious about why I made the choice to go bare down there.”

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“A guy I had actually been dating for a while came out of nowhere one day and asked me if I had sensitive skin. When I told him I didn’t really, he said he assumed that was why I didn’t shave my pubic hair. I found this ironic and angering because he also didn’t shave his pubes. He said it was because he was scared of cutting his nutsack. I was like, ‘You f*cking idiot! I have a clitoris! Do you know how daunting it is to bring a razor around that?’ He started to shave after that, I guess thinking if he did I would. But I didn’t, and we didn’t last much longer.”

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