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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Pooping Routine


The truth is, we all spend a good amount of time on the toilet (even though we may prefer not to talk about it in public). But just because everybody poops doesn’t mean you have to advertise the—ahem—evidence. Luckily, there’s a whole arsenal of products to take your pooping routine to the next level. Whether you want to do number two more efficiently, you’re staying with a new paramour for the first time and have to go, or you're simply trying to avoid the pitfalls of public bathrooms, you need these in your life.

2/9 Photograph courtesy of Poo-Pourri

Perhaps the most recognized of all the poo products, Poo-Pourri takes care of that post-poop stench. Spray it in the toilet before you go, and it promises to create a scent-blocking barrier on the surface of the water, releasing a fresh fragrance each time the surface is broken. Delightful.

Buy it: $10,

3/9 Photograph courtesy of Pottymints

The after-dinner mint finally has a companion: The after-flush mint. Each single packet contains a dissolvable air freshener to drop into the bowl post-deuce. Prettily packaged Pottymints slide nicely into your purse and even look cute displayed in the bathroom for your more pungent houseguests.

Buy it: $6,

4/9 Photograph courtesy of Aquinelle

No wipes? No problem. Aquinelle transforms even the most basic two-ply paper into a luxuriously clean experience for your bum. Seriously—the TP spray comes in a variety of spa-worthy scents, like Ocean Breeze and Island Mist.

Buy it: $10,

5/9 Photograph courtesy of Squatty Potty
Squatty Potty

Here’s a thing we bet you didn’t know: You’re pooping all wrong. The way our bodies are designed, you should actually be squatting. That’s because sitting on the porcelain throne causes a strain on your colon, which makes doing your business a bit more difficult. The Squatty Potty elevates your legs to put you in a more, shall we say, natural, position.

Buy it: $33,

6/9 Photograph courtesy of Hygienna Solo
Hygienna Solo

Bidets have been around for hundreds of years, and some experts argue that that they’re better for cleaning your lady bits. But if you don’t have a European-style bathroom, you can still get bidet-style clean with a water bottle and the Hygienna Solo personal bidet attachment. Is it kinda weird? Yes. Do we kinda want to try it? Absolutely.

Buy it: $10,

7/9 Photograph courtesy of Indigo Wild
Zum Bum Bidet in a Bottle

When nature calls, Zum Bum Bidet in a Bottle is on booty duty. Essentially a witch hazel toner for your tuchas, Zum Bum transforms TP into a total skin-care experience.

Buy it: $10,

8/9 Photograph courtesy of Dude Products
Dude Wipes

These may have been designed for dudes, but hey, a butt is a butt. Sometimes toilet paper alone doesn’t quite get the job done, but most wet wipes aren’t flushable, which makes it hard to score a clean getaway. These flushable Dude Wipes will make you Queen of the Throne.

Buy it: $9,

9/9 Photograph courtesy of Toodaloo

Say ta-ta to any post-poop odors with Toodaloo. This pre-poo toilet spray even comes in travel size, so you can breathe easy no matter where the need for a loo finds you.

Buy it: $6,

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